Gazco Reflex 75-3 (3 Sided) Gas


Fire Heat Output High Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Reflex 75T-3 8.7 kW 92% A
Reflex 75-2 8.7 kW 92% A


Reflex 75T Multi-sided Dimensions

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The Gazco Reflex two-sided and three-sided gas fires grant an unparalleled view of the stunning flame visuals, which can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room.

These elegantly contemporary gas fires allow for a beautifully bespoke fireplace, whether positioned centrally or in the corner of the room. The two-sided 75T-2 is designed for corner installations and can be selected in either right or left corner versions to suit your home. The 75T-3’s panaromic display offers stunning views from any angle, with three sides showing the deep log composition and dancing flames.




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