Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove


Liv 3 Gas Stoves Features

 Heat output: From 2.1 up to 4.5kW
 High Efficiency: CF: 78% / BF: 94.3%
 Energy Efficiency Class: CF: D BF: A
 Fully-sequential thermostatic Remote Control
 EchoFlame Black Glass lining for enhanced visual depth
 Conventional and balanced flue models
 Natural Gas and LPG options
 Optional linerless flue kit (Conventional Flue only)

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Onyx Liv 3 gas stoves combine a sophisticated cylindrical design with stunningly realistic flames and log effects. Adding poise and allure to any interior, these elegant gas stoves can create an unmistakably contemporary centrepiece in your home.

Conventional flue and balanced flue options mean that Onyx Liv 3 gas stoves can be installed with or without a chimney. For masonry chimney installations, the conventional flue Liv 3 can be fitted with our linerless flue kit instead of a full chimney liner, facilitating a simpler and more cost-effective installation.

All Onyx Liv 3 gas stoves feature a fully integrated control system, putting ignition, flame adjustment, heat output and extinguishing all in the palm of your hand. This powerful handset also lets you set the Liv 3 to thermostatically maintain your desired room temperature.


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