Gazco Reflex 105 Gas


Fire Heat Output A B C D E F G H I J K L High Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Reflex 105 CF Up to 9.5kW 736mm 1216mm 1050mm 551.5mm 343mm 326mm 216mm 17mm 715mm 765mm 109mm 1140mm 76% D
Reflex 105 BF Up to 10.2kW 736mm 1216mm 1050mm 551.5mm 361mm 344mm 211mm 17mm 709mm 793mm 109mm 1140mm 92% A


Reflex 105 Edge Dimensions

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Dancing flames. A glowing ember bed. Logs that look as real as, well… the real thing. These are all the elements that make the landscape Reflex 105 so realistic, you may find it hard to believe it’s a gas fire. And with its wealth of styling options, the 105 gives you the freedom to tailor your fire to your home. So whatever your tastes — you will experience the extraordinary.


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