Cast Tec Ashbourne Electric Combination


Shelf Length (A) 1120mm
Height (B) 1120mm
Base (C) 1015mm
Hearth Polished Granite
Height (D) 50mm
Length (E) 1050mm
Depth (F) 380mm


The Ashbourne Combination is shown in an attractive highlight polished finish which depicts the intricate floral design of the casting. The Ashbourne is also polished around the canopy rim and fire-front which display a traditional bow design in the centre.

This Combination is also available in matt black and with a top shelf length of only 1120mm (44′) will fit onto the majority of smaller chimney breasts or look ideal in a small living room.

These Combinations can be used with our full range of Electric fire appliances.

Standard size granite hearths (1050mm x 380mm x 50mm) are available in polished or honed (matt) finishes.

arched insert diagram


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