Solid Fuel Fires

We Supply Traditional and Contemporary Multi-Fuel Stoves all with great efficiency and fantastic outputs. Our Stoves all come with long warranty’s to give you peace of mind and a great aftercare when purchasing a stove.

See below why Solid-Fuel may be the best option for you and head on over to our products page to see what we have to offer.


Optional Styles and Sizes

We offer a big selection of Wood & Multi-Fuel burning stoves from 4kw Output all the way up to 14Kw Output. Most of which have optional stands, log stores and colour options.

Renewable Energy Source

By using wood the consumption of non-renewable materials can be reduced significantly. Helping our planet create a more sustainable future.

Will work in cut offs

In the unlikely event your Electric or even Gas is cut off. Solid fuel is the only option that will guarantee you will work as of normal if a cut off does arise.

Take Pride in creating a Fire

With Solid Fuel fires you will be able to take a sense of pride in creating a fire from scratch which you do not get with other fires sources.

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