Gazco Studio 2 Freestanding Gas


  A B C D E F G H I J K Energy Efficiency**
Conventional Flue 896mm 396mm 148mm 1110mm 1350mm 43mm 130mm 324mm 442mm 130mm 850mm C
Balanced flue 896mm 396mm 160mm 1100mm 1350mm 65mm 130mm 324mm 442mm 130mm 850mm A

**When used with Programmable Thermostatic Upgradeable remote control

Studio 2 Freestanding Gas Fires Dimensions

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The landscape Studio 2 Freestanding offers an expansive flame view and a host of styling choices to suit your interior.

Flame visuals can be tailored with the variety of realistic fuel beds including highly detailed Log-effect, Driftwood-effect or Pebble & Stone. Each bed adds its own character to the Studio 2.

Gazco’s shimmering EchoFlame Black Glass lines the Studio 2’s firebox, mirroring the flames to enhance the fire’s depth and visuals. There is also the option of additional Vermiculite or Black Reeded linings, which can replace the EchoFlame lining if desired.

Similar to the smaller Studio 1 Freestanding on the preceding pages, the Studio 2 can be customised with a black or white steel front, as well as a choice of either matching plinth or bench.

All Studio Freestanding gas fires benefit from a Programmable Thermostatic remote control for convenient operation, and are available in either balanced or conventional flue versions.


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