We Supply Traditional and Contemporary Multi-Fuel Stoves all with reasonable efficiency and good outputs. Our Stoves all come with long warranty’s to give you peace of mind and a great aftercare when purchasing a stove.
Find Below just a small selection of what we provide. To see full range, Please call in Showroom or go to Contact.

Pure Vision Logo

Purevision’s range comprises of six models at the moment, three freestanding and three inset with stand and log store options are available for the freestanding versions and three or four sided trims for the insets models. The models are sized as 5kW standard, 5kW Wide and 8.5kW nominal output and contain technologically advanced patent pending design features resulting in super-clean burning performance and high efficiency of up to 82.2%. Pure Vision do not offer a huge range of Fires at the moment but the Fires they do offer are Unique and are designed with cutting edge looks. Simple and Completely British made.

Pure Vision PV85 Solid Fuel stove
Pure Vision 8.5kw Solid Fuel Stove
Pure Vision 8.5kw solid fuel stove
Pure Vision 8.5kw solid fuel stove
Freestanding Pure Vision Stove


urlEstablished in 1960, Docherty Group is the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of flue and chimney products and heating appliances in the UK.

They have just released their brand new range of Stylish and Ultra Modern Stoves under their Docherty and StoveAmore Brand.

Docherty Trent

Docherty Avon

Docherty Tamar

StoveAmore Carta

StoveAmore Monza

Fireline fireplaces

The majority of Fireline Stoves are standard ‘Black Box Stoves’ but are made with durable and rigid British Steel and Cast Iron. Fireline Stove all come Multi-Fuel ready, so there is always the option of burning Wood or Coal. With Models going up to 8Kw Output, there is a good size range of Stoves, perfect for British Fireplaces. Package Options are also available for complete suites (Fire & Surround).

Balmoral Limestone Chamber FPS Stove
Fireliner FPi8 woodburner
FPi8 Radnor Limestone Stove
Fireliner FX-8-Boscombe-granite-chamber in Bridgend, Wales
FX 8 Boscombe Granite Chamber
Fireliner Stokesay FX5W stove
Stokesay FX5W Stove
Fireliner Stonehenge Stove
Stonehenge FGi5T Stove
FPi5 Katia Limestone BG
FPi5 Katia Limestone

Dik Guerts Wood burners logo

Since its 1981 the name ‘DG Fires’ embodies exclusive design and by now has evolved into a recognised concept within the world of WoodBurning and multi-fuel stoves. Like their sister company Dru, Dik Guerts only use high Quality Materials to build their Fires, and are Engineered with precision that will Guarantee your stove to last.

DG may not have something for everyone as they mainly design super modern and beautiful Fires just like ‘Dru’ but do have a good selection of Built in and Free Standing stoves that look amazing and will definitely make you say “WOW” .

Creation of Flames


Dik Geurts Kalle
Kalle Free Standing
Dik Guertz Bora Wood Fuel Burner
Bora Cover Wall Mounted Wood Stove
Dik Guertz Instyle Frame Classic Wood burner
Instyle Built-In Wood-burning Stove
Dik Guertz Ivar Lowb burner
Ivar Low-standing Wood-Burner
Dik Guertz multi-fuel wood burner
Jens Multi-Fuel Stove
Dik Guertz Vision Burner
Vision Wood-Burning Insert

Cast Tec Fires

In the late 1990’s Cast-tec found a space in the market to manufacture and supply traditional Cast iron styled Fireplaces to be easily installed and fitted without any major building work. In 2003 Cast-Tec altered their designs to fit high efficiency gas or electric Fires into traditional styled cast fireplaces giving it an vintage look but with the beauty of having an easy to use modern fire in it. Cast-Tec also makes many Wood and Marble Surrounds and also Hearths to fit most standard products.

Cast Tec Integra Majestic Inset Stove
Cast Tec Majestic Inset Stove
Cast Tec Cougar 5
Cast Tec Cougar 5
Cast Tec Alberg 7
Cast Tec Alberg 7
Cast Tec Norvik 5
Cast Tec Norvik 5
Cast Tec Titus Inset
Cast Tec Titus Inset
Cast Tec Oxford Insert
Cast Tec Oxford Inset


Dru burners

Dru, Only have a small handful of WoodBurning Stoves, But the Stoves are made to the same standard and quality as their Gas Models. Models have a unique style, as they look Traditional but with a Modern touch added.

Dru Fires
Dru Wood-burning stove
SOLID FUEL 10th June 2015

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