We supply a large number of Quality Gas Fires from ‘Hole in Wall’ Fires all the way to your Standard ‘Hearth Mounted’ Fires all with long Warranty’s and Reliability. Whether you are looking for an Eye catching Balance Flue Fire or just a simple Chimney inset Fire we have something to suit all purposes.

Find Below just a small selection of what we provide. To see full range, Please call in Showroom or go to Contact.

Dru burners

When in 1959 natural Gas was discovered in the Netherlands. DRU capitalised on this avidly by developing its first gas-fired stove. A short while later, in around 1960, the DRU designers were the first to introduce a closed combustion gas-fired stove; an innovative system that made the chimney superfluous. This system is still used by the majority of gas-fired stoves today. Dru now specialise in only creating the most amazing and eye catching Fires in the world. They mostly design ‘Hole in the wall’ Fires, but over the last few years have expanded to make hang on the wall Fires and even Free standing. With their new PowerVent system it means you can place a Gas Fire in pretty much anywhere inside a building. An exterior supply of air can now be accessed horizontally, vertically, or via all kinds of bends up to a maximum length of 60 unlike a Balance Flue System. Dru only use the Highest Quality and most reputable Materials and Technologies when building they’re Fires, For Example the New HoneyWell Mechanism allows you to Control and create even more Realistic Flame pictures, Room Temperature Control and also almost instant Ignition all from the touch of a smartphone or Tablet.

Dru really do separate the men from the boys when it comes to Fires. Available, Conventional Flue and Balance Flue Gas Fires in many sizes.

Designed to Be Different

Dru Circo Gas Fire
Dru Circo
Dru Gas Diablo
Dru Diablo
Dru gas Global
Dru Global
Dru Gas Global
Dru Global
Dru Gas Metro
Dru Metro 100XT
Dru Gas Global
Dru Global Beau
Valor fires


One of the biggest Fire Company’s in the UK. They developed the first ever Radiant Fire in 1967 and since then has always aimed to be the first to advance in home Fire Technology. They were once again the first company to create the Balance Flue fire in 1973 and then the first company to create a Living flame Fire (The ValorFlame) in 1978. Valor has really played a huge part in modernising Home Fires and has kept other Fire Manufacturers a step behind for years.

Valor offers a wide range of Gas and Electric Fires to suit all tastes and needs, whether you still like the original styled Radiant fires or even an Ultra Modern wall inset Fire, Valor is sure to have something for all customers.

At Valor Quility Reigns Supreme

Valor Harmony
Valor Helmsley
Valor Helmsley Fire
Valor Homeflame Gas Fire
Valor Homeflame Masquerade
Valor Bloomsbury Airflame Convector
Bloomsbury Airflame Convector
Valor Bauhaus Airflame
Valor Bauhaus Airflame Burner
Valor Blakey Head
Valor Blakey Landscape


Infinity Fires


The British Manufacturer Infinity has an aim is to create not only stunning and elegant looking Fires, but Fires that are perfect for the British Market. By having models for all Flue Systems the range is Endless. Infinity also make Beautiful Portuguese Limestone Suites to Suit all models, This makes it far easier to get a Package that looks right for your room.

Best of British Fires

Infinity 600FL
Infinity 600FL Limestone Slips Gas Fire
Infinity 890PC Gas Fire
Infinity 890PC Gas Fire
Infinity 890PC Gas Fire
Infinity 890OPC Built In Gas Fire

Infinity-890FL-in-Brockton-suite-300x300Infinity 890FL in Brockton Suite 
Infinity 890CF Chrome Profile
Infinity 890CF Chrome Profile
Infinity 780FL In Edgemond Suite
Infinity 780FL In Edgemond Suite


Gazco Gas fires


Based in Exeter, England, Gazco Ltd was established in 1988 when sister company Stovax (a Wood Burner Stove Manufacturer) decided to expand its market by designing and creating Gas Fires based on the same look as they’re Wood burning Stoves. Gazco was born and since then have gone on to create contemporary and Exotic Fires. One of the many things that puts Gazco up there with the best is that the majority of the Fires are Customisable to suit all preferences, with a huge choice of Frames, Liners, Fuel Beds and even Ignition systems, it really does make each product feel Unique to the user. Gazco offers the largest range of Fires and Fireplaces from an individual Company itself, With nearly all models suitable for Natural Gas (mains gas) or LPG (cylinder gas) or even Electric Models for those who do not have a Gas feed for a Gas Appliance.

Fire Your Imagination

Gazco Ashdon Stove
Gazco Ashdon Stove
Gazco Logic Gas Fire
Gazco Logic Designio Graphite Hearth
Gazco StocktonGas Fire
Gazco Stockton 5
Gazco Studio Steel
Gazco Studio Steel
Gazco Logic Convector Heater
Gazco Logic Tempo Convector Heater
Gazco Riva Edge Gas Fire
Riva2 500 Edge Gas Fire

Cast Tec Fires

In the late 1990’s Cast-tec found a space in the market to manufacture and supply traditional Cast iron styled Fireplaces to be easily installed and fitted without any major building work. In 2003 Cast-Tec altered their designs to fit high efficiency Gas or Electric Fires into traditional styled cast fireplaces giving it an vintage look but with the beauty of having an easy to use modern Fire in it. Cast-Tec also makes many Wood and Marble Surrounds and also Hearths to fit most standard products.

For all your Fireplace needs

Cast Tec Ashbourne Combination
Cast Tec Ashbourn Combination
Cast Tec Anson Integra Full Polish
Cast Tec Anson Integra Full Polish
Cast Tec Anson Integra
Cast Tec Aston Tile Integra
Cast Tec Glen Tile Integra
Cast Tec Glen Tile Integra 
Cast Tec Washington Integra
Cast Tec Washington Integra
Cast Tec Royal Integra
Cast Tec Royal Integra


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