We supply some of the best Fire Surrounds and Suites in the South of Wales. We supply Granite, Riven Slate, High Quality Micro Marble, Natural Stone and Timber Mantels and Suites. Because of the immaculate and pristine materials our suppliers use, Our Products are truly Flawless.


Qasim Marble Fireplace Manufacturer, has a large manufacturing facility to ensure a fast and high quality service. They have a large range of Designs and Materials to choose from to ensure your Fireplace is made specifically to your taste.

Qasim Nice Fireplace

Qasim Berlin Fireplace

Qasim Valletta Fireplace

Qasim Venice Fireplace

Qasim Aukland Fireplace

Qasim Paris Fireplace

Katel Fires

Katell’s aim is to continuously invest in developing new and better designs of Electric Suites. They also make Solid Wood Surrounds which are all made in the UK. Katell have recently Launched an Opti-Myst Range of Suites which have been a massive success, So much of a success that they have brought out new models once again with different backings and sizes.
Katell are completely British made. Extremely Realistic effects for Electric Fires and all with 2kW Fan heater to take the chill of the room when needed.

Katell Victoria
Katell Victoria Suite
Katell Verone
Katell Verona Suite
Katell Omega
Katell Omega Suite
Katell Napoli
Katell Napoli Suite
KAtell Eco Flame
Katell Eco Flame Electric Fire
Katell Eclipse
Katell Eclipse Suite

Firecraft fireplaces logo

In 1990, Firecraft, who at the time had been designing and creating Marble and Wood Surrounds since 1980, decided it was time for something different and far more luxurious to take its place. They chose their new Material to be Natural Smooth Stone, where it was an instant hit with new customers. Customers preferred their Stone Surrounds because they felt it suited UK homes much better than the previous products made by Firecraft. Firecraft have expanded their range of Designs since then and now offer a made-to-measure too.

Firecraft Create incredible Stone Masterpieces that are Beautifully hand crafted with pure love and due care which will make your Fireplace stand out like no other.

Solid Stone Fireplaces

Firecraft Milan fireplace
Firecraft Bellini Fireplace
Firecraft Kibworth fireplace
Firecraft Kibworth Fireplace
Firecraft Hazelmere fireplace
Firecraft Hazelmere fireplace
Firecraft Flintstone fireplace
Firecraft Flintstone fireplace
Firecraft Ethos fireplace
Firecraft Ethos fireplace
Firecraft Bellini fireplace
Firecraft Bellini fireplace

Focus Fireplaces

Focus Fireplaces is a company driven by a passion for woodwork within the fireplace industry. All the surrounds, Electric suites, Shelves and Beams are manufactured using the finest Timbers and Materials in their modern factory in York. With 27 Years of experience, Focus are the masters of Wood creation. As long as it is within their Materials and tools capability they will make pretty much anything and everything, for this reason Focus Fireplaces has made such a positive name for themselves and have provided great service over the years.

Focus, Design a large span of Fire Surrounds and Suites with styles from Rustic traditional to clean cut and Modern. They also make Beams, Fascias, Mirrors and Home Furniture. All Products can be stained and treated to a number of finishes to create the ideal look for your liking.

Deep Beam Rustic Oak Beam
Deep Beam Rustic Oak Light Medium Finish
Great Beam Aged Oak
Great Beam Aged Oak Medium Finish
Hollow Beam Aged Oak Beam
Hollow Beam Aged Oak Silvered Finish Beam
Standard Fascia Beam
Standard Fascia Beam With Rustic Oak Medium Finish
Mini Fascia Beam
Mini Fascia Beam Rustic Oak Medium Finish
Large Fascia Beam
Large Fascia Beam With Aged Oak Waxed
Focus Adelaide Surround
Focus Adelaide Light Medium Oak Finish Surround
Firecraft Aysgarth Fireplace
Focus Aysgarth Antique White Surround
Focus Bedale Fireplace
Focus Bedale Painted Slate Effect Surround
Firecraft Emily fireplace
Focus Emily Medium Waxed Oak Surround
Focus Canadian Pine Fireplace
Focus Plain Corbel Canadian Pine Surround
Focus Surround
Focus Poppy Teak Finish Surround

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