All of our Electric Fires are 99% efficient or higher. This means there is very little or even no wasted energy when using one of these appliances. Due to the development in recent times, Electric Fires are even more realistic than ever before and running costs are better than ever. Another great advantage to choosing Electric is that the user can install it themselves without the hassle of a qualified fitter. Most models are “Plug in and go”.

Find Below just a small selection of what we provide. To see full range, Please call in Showroom or go to Contact.

Valor fires

One of the biggest Fire Company’s in the UK. They developed the first ever Radiant Fire in 1967 and since then has always aimed to be the first to advance in home Fire Technology. They were once again the first company to create the Balance Flue fire in 1973 and then the first company to create a Living flame Fire (The ValorFlame) in 1978. Valor has really played a huge part in modernising Home Fires and has kept other Fire Manufacturers a step behind for years.

Valor offers a wide range of Gas and Electric Fires to suit all tastes and needs, whether you still like the original styled Radiant fires or even an Ultra Modern wall inset Fire, Valor is sure to have something for all customers.

At Valor Quality Reigns Supreme

Valor Belvoir Electric Fire
Valor Belvoir Electric Fire
Valor Innova Fire
Valor Masquerade

Katel Fires

Katell’s aim is to continuously invest in developing new and better designs of Electric Suites. They also make Solid Wood Surrounds which are all made in the UK. Katell have recently Launched an Opti-Myst Range of Suites which have been a massive success, So much of a success that they have brought out new models once again with different backings and sizes.
Katell are completely British made. Extremely Realistic effects for Electric Fires and all with 2kW Fan heater to take the chill of the room when needed

Katell Victoria
Katell Victoria Electric Fire
Katell Verone
Katell Verona Electric Fire

Katell Milan Electric Fire
Katell Napoli
Katell Napoli Electric Fire
KAtell Eco Flame
Katell Eco Flame Electric Fire

Katell Genoa Electric Fire

Gazco Gas fires

Based in Exeter, England, Gazco Ltd was established in 1988 when sister company Stovax (a Wood Burner Stove Manufacturer) decided to expand its market by designing and creating Gas Fires based on the same look as they’re Wood burning Stoves. Gazco was born and since then have gone on to create contempory and exotic Fires. One of the many things that puts Gazco up there with the best is that the majority of the Fires are Customisable to suit all preferences, with a huge choice of Frames, Liners, Fuel Beds and even Ignition systems, it really does make each product feel Unique to the user.

Gazco offers the largest range of Fires and Fireplaces from an idividual Company itself, With nearly all models suitable for Natural Gas (mains gas) or LPG (cylinder gas) or even Electric Models for those who do not have a Gas feed for a Gas Appliance.

Fire your Imagination

Gazco Studio 22 Electric
Gazco Studio 22 Electric Fire
Gazco Malborough Electric Fire
Gazco Malborough Medium Electric Fire
Gazco Logic Fire
Gazco Logic Electric Fire
Gazco Manhattan Fire
Gazco Manhattan Electric Fire
Gazco Logic Progress
Gazco Studio Electric Fire
Gazco Studio Electric

Dimplex Fires

The biggest manufacturer of Electric Space heaters currently in the world, Dimplex are certainly the most popular of makers of just electric Fires alone. They have been designing and creating Fires since 1973 and have never stopped expanding their range. Dimplex have three styles of effects in their fire range, The most common is the ‘Opti-Flame’ Selection, where the flame effect is created with Bulbs or LED’s, then they have an ‘Opti-Myst’ Selection where the effect is amazingly created with water vapour to give a smouldering look. The Last and Newest effect is the ‘Opti-V’ Selection where the effect is made with HD Television and also LED’s to create an ultra realistic look.

Dimplex Oakhurst
Dimplex Oakhurst Electric Fire
Dimplex Moorfield
Dimplex Moorfield Electric Fire
Dimplex Freeport
Dimplex Freeport Electric Fire

Dimplex Chevalier
Dimplex Chevalier Electric Fire
Dimplex Bach
Dimplex Bach Electric Fire
Dimplex Adagio
Dimplex Adagio Electric Fire
ELECTRIC FIRES 28th June 2015

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